DUBAI, UAE – FEBRUARY 2018: Colorful sunset over Dubai Downtown
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Are you aware that your products and services are just protected from copies of third parties after you applied and registered them?

Today, counterfeiting is a main topic and a reason why companies lose millions of revenue every year. Besides, plagiarism often show serious quality defects and damage the image of your company.

Additionally, registered trademarks increase your company´s value.

In each case the registration is made at the department in charge. You have the choice between, domestic, European or international registration. Before you decide to apply you should be sure about the exact kind of brand (picture, word, slogan, music, etc.) and the definite name of the trademark.

Remember that the chosen trademark could raise your company´s recognition and that customers later will connect it with the high quality standard, which you are known for.

For the whole time of the registration you will have the only usage rights for the trademark and if necessary you can legally do something against counterfeiting.

Apply for the registration of your trademark to

    • register your property publically, see USPTO "USA", DPMA "Germany", HABM "EU" and "WIPO" Madrider System for international registration of your name, slogan, logo, symbol, etc. prevent a damage of your company´s image through plagiarism
    • get domestic and international exclusive usage rights
    • protect yourself against counterfeiting.
    • increase the value of your company.

Our competent and experienced team of attorneys specialized on trademarks will be pleased to consult you individually and guarantees satisfaction!